ashley (aboutl0ve) wrote in chocolatel0ve,

017; clock watching

title clock watching
fandom snsd / girls' generation
pairing hinted taeyeon/sunny
rating g
a/n warning: lapslock and no plot. i have no idea where i was going with this, i just like pressing my watch against my ear while i'm laying my head on my desk trying to sleep in class. it's calming even if i don't fall asleep most of the time. and i haven't ever written a snsd fanfic so characterization is lame. :b

when all schedules are finished and practice has been held, girls' generation returns to their dorm, seven girls fighting over who would shower first while the youngest sneaks into the bathroom and takes a quick one before anyone notices. the oldest collapses on the couch, too worn out to break up the fighting. there is a pink clock hanging on the wall above the entry to the kitchen, the background black and its hands and dashes — no numbers — silver. the hour hand stays still at eleven while the minute hand slowly chases the second hand, ticking away moments of her life she'll never get back.

taeyeon's brown eyes stare at the clock, blocking out the outraged high pitched squeaks and squeals of her dongsaengs and focusing on the mechanical tic toc tic toc the clock emits. the voices of her group members become a muffled buzzing in her ear, the sound of the rushing water the others do not notice mixing with the ticing and tocing direct the leader to the warm, welcoming arms of sleep.

girls' generation's energy pill makes everyone stop talking when seohyun comes out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped just above her bust and hair leaving tiny droplets of water on the hardwood. sunny goes to the living room, looking around until her eyes fall upon the slumbering leader. she gives a small smile and throws a blanket over her unnie, placing a gentle kiss on her nose before turning off the alarm on the other's phone.

she thinks it's time taeyeon gets some time off.
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: snsd
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