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015; tolerance

title tolerance
fandom MBLAQ
pairing joomi
rating R (for sexual favors)
a/n bullshit ending, i just wanted to try to write something. forgive the fail. :/

Chulyong likes to think he has a very high bullshit tolerance, which is what makes him a good babysitter and will make him an even better father one day. But when it comes to Lee Joon, it seems his tolerance for just about anything goes down the drain. Don’t get him wrong, Joon is a nice guy and everything, but there was just something about him that pissed Chulyong off to no end. As MBLAQ’s respectable leader, Seungho likes to fool around, claiming the magnae’s anger towards his hyung was simple sexual frustration. Joon would brush this off with his laugh that sounds of twinkling bells, while Chulyong would go into a rage and rant on about how he was a virgin and therefore had no need for sexual frustration, even if he nineteen already.

“Oh come on, Yongie,” Seungho rubbed his knuckles against the youngest’s skull, “you know I’m just kidding.”

‘Yongie,’ smacked the man’s hand away, fixing the bird nest he made in the rapper’s hair while muttering, “Don’t call me that.”

It’s one night during practice that Chulyong is able to pinpoint exactly what it is about Joon that ticks him off. They’re in the middle of practicing Oh Yeah and Joon lifts up his shirt to flash the mirror. He sees his own reflection and smirks, possibly thinking something along the lines of, Damn I’m sexy. And he’s right. He is sexy, the youngest realizes, and he gets knocked in the face with Cheondoong’s elbow because he was staring too long. The music stops, all his hyungs crowding around him as blood starts to drip from his nose. Everyone rushes to get him something to keep the blood from getting everywhere as the Filipino-raised Korean helps him to the bench in the back of the room, muttering endless apologies.

“No,” he says, voice sounding funny because he’s holding a towel to his nose, “it’s my fault, I got distracted.” As he said this, he glared at Joon, who stared at him with an innocent look before it dawned on him. His face broke out into a grin and he lifts his shirt up again, using the hem to wipe off the sweat on his forehead. Chulyong tries holding back what he thought would be an annoyed grunt, but ends up being a high-pitched mock-fangirl squeal/moan. His face turns red and he bows his head, hair hiding his crimson cheeks.

Byunghee smirks and asks in an arrogant, all-knowing voice, “You alright there, kiddo? You seem to be getting a bit heated.”

“Y-yeah, I think I’ll just get some fresh air,” with that, the youngest stands and walks out the door, head still bowed and towel still pressed against his nose. Joon runs after him, telling them he feels a bit lightheaded too.

On their way out, they hear Cheondoong’s innocent question, “Why would Joonie-hyung be feeling lightheaded? He didn’t get jabbed in the face and started bleeding…”

The teenager rolls his eyes and tells his hyung, annoyed, “You didn’t have to come with.”

“Oh, but I did,” the elder grabs the rapper’s arm and pulls him in another direction, the lobby door which was so close getting so far away again, and the youngest is tempted to scream fire, rape, bloody hell, abuse, anything to make the other let go. When trying to yank his arm away is useless, he sighs and lets himself get dragged along.

“Where are we going?”

No answer left the elder’s lips as he continued pulling him along, looking in different doors before finally coming to an empty one. He entered and pulled Chulyong in, shutting and locking the door behind them. The youngest gulps and wonders why the door was locked and then becomes breathless when Joon’s face is right in front of his.

“Seungho-hyung is right… It’s just sexual frustration, Yongie,” the dancer says, and the rapper’s face turns crimson again. “I can help you fix that, y’know.”

After having said that, he leans forward and captures the youngest’s lips, who gasps upon the contact, eyes sliding closed. The kiss is broken when a couple minutes pass and both are running out of oxygen, heaving deep breaths as the stay within three inches of each other, a thin strand of saliva connecting them. Joon’s hand pushes into Chulyong’s pants and boxers, wrapping around his penis and slowly pumping him. The rapper’s head falls back and moans spill from his mouth when his pants are pulled down and Joon’s mouth is on his cock. It isn’t long until his release (he is a virgin and surprisingly for a guy, he doesn’t masturbate as often as he probably should), and Joon swallows every drop almost like a dirty whore. He smiles up at Chulyong from his knees before pushing the other’s pants and boxers back up and standing to his full height. They share one last kiss before unlocking the door and going back to the practice room, the younger’s hand intertwining with the dancer’s.

Chulyong has a very high bullshit tolerance but when it comes to Lee Joon, all tolerance is thrown out the window and he just wants the man to screw him into oblivion.
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: mblaq
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