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018; penny for your thoughts (dollar for your insides)

title penny for your thoughts (dollar for your insides)
fandom super junior
pairing kyuhyun/heechul
rating g
a/n drabble, inspired by project runway, weheartit, and the closing of almost ALL the starbucks's in my area. 8(
AU, kyuhyun is a fashion/music student&intern, heechul is a model.

The subway ride to his apartment complex was a long one, working on one side of the city and living on the other, but it gave him time to think. Time was something Kyuhyun rarely had these days, he was always working on this project, then that project, having to set this one project on the back burner and turn that other project in before deadline. Working as a designer with a million ideas flying by you in one second and barely even getting the tail of just one of them was a very tough job.

The twenty-one year old male stood against the wall of car, holding onto the back of an empty seat. The headphones wrapped over his skull flooded his ears with the sounds of cellos and violins humming together to match the harmony of a twinkling piano, drowning out the sounds of the Italian couple arguing quietly on the other side of the car and the boisterous laughter of a man on his cell phone sitting across from him. He looked over the man's head, his face not pretty but not ugly, to the tunnel rushing by.

He thought of the fur design he was supposed to be creating for his mentor's winter line, and then he thought of the wolves that died for the actual fur he was supposed to use. He thought he could probably switch it with faux, if the faux was expensive enough to look (and feel) real. He thought of the abstract one piece evening dress he was supposed to be finishing up for a class, and then the music piece he had to finish for piano. All the while he had a flash of sketching a long and elegant man with a face not pretty but not ugly, and a frame that looks feminine but once you get his shirt off, you see it's not curvy at all but angular.

The man who talked animatedly on his cell phone flipped it closed, checking the time before slipping it in his jacket pocket and decided he'd take to staring at Kyuhyun intently. This went on for several awkward minutes, in which the designer's eyes kept flickering back to the man across him. When he was sick of feeling uncomfortable, he pushed down his headphones.

"Is there something on my face?"

The stranger chuckled and stood, taking two steps to join him leaning against the wall of the car. "No, I just feel like I've seen you somewhere. Like, at a photoshoot or something."

Kyuhyun tried to remember. Did he assist at a photoshoot in the past month? "Sorry, my memory isn't very good these days, been stressed out."

"...Yeah, you were the kid that kept getting chewed out because you couldn't walk fast enough," the guy laughed. Kyuhyun made an "oh," shape with his lips and nodded before staring straight ahead, not sure if he should put his headphones back on or try to converse more with this 4D character.

A few moments of afflictive silence and the stranger pulled out a coin, "Penny for your thoughts?" he asked, smirking.

Kyuhyun looked at the coin between his fingers, then back at the big mischievous eyes. "Got a hundred thousand pennies?"

"That many, huh." Kyuhyun nodded. "Well how about we start off with a cup of coffee? There's this nice, quaint cafe around the corner from this next stop."

The student thought about it for a little bit, and as he opened his mouth to ask the billion dollar question, the man answered it as if he read his mind. "My name is Heechul, by the way."

Kyuhyun smiled. "I'm Kyuhyun. And I'd love some coffee right now."
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: super junior
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