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016; troubled thoughts (what a catch)

title troubled thoughts (what a catch)
fandom super junior
pairing hanchul
rating pg13
a/n warning: lapslock, angst. all over the place. the point isn't really described well till the end. drabble.

heechul is full of intricate lies and meaningless sayings that hankyung spends hours dissecting to get to the meaning of because they all hold their own part of heechul. he knows the elder really means the opposite when he says, "i'm okay," with a fake signature smirk so practiced that at first, the chinese man was fooled. hankyung spends days to figure the quirks and mentality of the 4D actor, and heechul knows this.

that's why he leads him on. his fingers trace chinese characters with dirty meanings on the foreigner's wrist as they lay sleeplessly together. hankyung licks all over heechul's body, his mind memorizing every contour line and abstract shape that add up to kim heechul. they waste free nights together drinking beer and soju, drunken tongues eventually clashing leading to collapsing unconsciously on top of one another on the kitchen floor. heechul bugs hankyung into spending every free moment together till super junior-m's departure, including frequent visits to clubs and bars, beijing fried rice four times a day, cheating on poker night, and talks of growing old, finding a wife and making a child, being a life long celebrity.

hankyung gives himself false reassurances that the way he analyzes heechul is merely out of boredom. he knows there is hope hiding among the butterflies in his chest but he also knows that to heechul, life is a game. and in that game, love is a wild card he sets up to trap others and benefit himself.

as cruel as it sounds, the dancer will let himself get trapped in heechul's intricate lies, false smirk, dirty chinese, contour lines, drunken states, diva demands, and aces up his sleeve. he'll let himself fall in love and play games, as long as it means never losing him — as long as it means spending forever with him (even if spending forever with him means a wife and child come with the package).
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: super junior
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