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fandoms f(x), SNSD, KARA
pairings SunSica, Kryber, TaeNy, intended Victoria/Hyoyeon, Luna/Yoona, YulYoung, Seungyeon/Jiyoung, Sulli/Seohyun/Nicole
rating pg-13, leads to NC-17
a/n written for jeff (pika on aff(x)tion forums), who wanted a girl group orgy. didn't have enough creativity so this is totally incomplete and i have no intention of finishing it.
written 2009oct24
happy birthday, krystal! ♥

Amber laid back on the fluffy comforter cushioning the hardwood floor. She, along with the other eighteen girls on the floor with her, was sweaty and naked. She caught her breath and stared at the ceiling, wondering how this had all played out.

It started when Jessica called f(x) and KARA over to Girls' Generation's dorm to celebrate Krystal's birthday. They had been eating cake and sipping at fruity drinks when Nicole suggested they play a game.

"It's like strip poker, except when you lose," she explained, going over to her bag and pulling out a triplet of dice, "you roll these."

The dice, they found out, had a various amount of sexual favors printed on them. To find out who you had to perform them on would be determined by a quick game of spin the bottle. Seohyun's eyes glinted with a foreign look, a look Amber had never seen in them before. The oldest magnae asked excitedly, "So not only do we strip but we get foreplay too?!" Nicole nodded feverishly, smiling wide.
Now amber knows why her parents didn't want her to audition.

They found two extra decks of cards and dealt them out. Amber may have one hell-of-a poker face, but she always sucked at the game. And apparently, Krys and Jessi deserve to win the world championship-- Krys won the first round when Jessi folded. The unfortunate losers included Amber herself, Jessica, Tiffany, Jiyoung, and Seungyeon. Going by age order from youngest to oldest, Krystal picked up the dice from Nicole and rolled them.

Lick - Stomach - Couch

Her cheeks burned a deep crimson as she spun the empty soju bottle to have it land on...

"But that's incest!" Amber and Tiffany screamed, horrified.

Jessica shrugged, "Who cares?"

"God does, for one!" Tiffany replied as the sisters shuffled to the couch. Just when the mushroom was going to protest as the blonde lifted her shirt, Taeyeon's hand came to rest on Fany's shoulder, silencing her. Amber felt her nerves become more sensitive down there as Krystal's tongue licked a line up her sister's tummy, a trail of saliva left behind.

"Losers take off the shirts," Nicole demanded in English as the Jungs came back to the table.

This is gonna be a long game...

After Sunny made Luna's panties coming off, only having lost a sock herself, she was claimed winner and grinned cheekily. She grabbed the eldest Jung and pushed her to the couch, losing all clothing and began attacking her unnie with kisses and bites. The other seventeen stared before all hell broke loose as the girls began ravishing each others bodies.
Tags: !fanfic, fandom: f(x), fandom: kara, fandom: snsd
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